The History of July 4th for the Yankees

  July 4th is the day where we celebrate our country’s independence from Britain and America’s pastime is always there to enjoy besides in 2020. The New York Yankees have been around since 1903 and have had their fair share of July 4th memories. In the last decade the Yankees were 7-3 which is pretty good, 11-9 since 2000 which is also good but the latest I’ll go is in the last 50 years the Yankees were 28-22 on July 4th which is probably up there for the best record on July 4th in the league. 

1930: On this day the legend George Steinbrenner was born and if it wasn’t for this man who would have known if we would have won the chips in the late 1990’s. George and the Steinbrenner family is a very important part of the Yankees and forever will be. For the foreseeable future, the Steinbrenners are gonna be sole owners of the Yankees for a very long time. 

1939: This might be the most memorable moment of the Yankees on July 4th, Lou Gehrig infamous speech on his appreciation day and I don’t need to write a lot about this because everyone knows the legend of Lou and how he’s one of the greatest players and Yankees of all time. But I’ll leave you here with the infamous quote from that day, “For the past two weeks you have been reading about a bad break. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

1983: The Yankees were playing the arch rivals Red Sox and Dave Righetti was on the mound for the Yanks, going into this game Dave was 9-3 and was a rising star for the Yanks but had above 3 ERA. But with 9 K’s Dave threw a No Hitter and was the talk of town. Dave was striking out legends like Wade Boggs, and Jim Rice. One outta the few Yankees pitchers to throw a no hitter but this one came on a very special day for our country.

2019: Now since the main moments are over I wanna go over the last 2 years of Yankee Baseball on July 4th. In 2019, the Yankees were playing the Rays in Tropicana Field in Tampa. JA Happ was taking the mound for the Yankees and at this point Happ was horrible to the meaning of the word, he was getting rocked left and right but in this game he held his own and performed well. He pitched 5 innings with 5 K’s 3 BB and 1 ER but didn’t get the win. The Yankees runs came from Mike Tauchman who had a RBI single in the 3rd followed by a RBI double by Aaron Hicks in the same inning. In the 7th, the newly acquired Edwin Encarnacion hit a solo shot to left. But the Rays tied the game at 3 a piece, but EL GARY SANCHEZ with the 3 Run HR to Left which blew the game out and eventually gave the Yanks the win for Chappy closing it out. 

2018: The Yankees were taking on the Atlanta Braves in the Bronx and CC Sabathia was taking the mound. Starting off the action in the 2nd, Greg Bird hit a RBI single to right, yeah I know Greg Bird did something and wasn’t injured it was truly a miracle. But in the 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton with the absolute MOON SHOT to right field which was a 3 Run HR. But on Gary Sanchez’s off day his backup Kyle Higashioka had himself a solo shot in the 4th. And the final shot was in the 7th with the MVP OF 2017 Aaron Judge with an oppo taco solo shot. CC pitched dominantly with 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, and 5 K’s which helped the Yanks win 6-2 against the Atlanta Braves.

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