BREAKING: The NBA are close to finalizing a second bubble for the teams that did not make the playoffs.

 As first reported by Jackie MacMullan from ESPN, “The NBA is closing in on signing off on a second “bubble” in Chicago for the eight teams that were not invited to play in Orlando, enabling mini-training camps and subsequent games against other clubs with a target date of September” – Adrian Wojnarowski. So basically this is just to get ready for next season whenever that starts. There aren’t any details of this yet like if the games will go against record or will these games help you get a better pick in the draft or will it give you a better chance in the lottery. Make this interesting if you want fans from not those teams to watch it. Because to be honest I’m not trying to spend my evening watching Knicks vs Hawks. And I think if they move the lottery back to after this is done they’ll pull in viewers and it will bring a lot of attention for the trash teams and could possibly be playing for the future of their respective franchises.

The Superstars of the Trash: This should give purpose for guys like Steph Curry, Trae Young, KAT to play for something, like I said give their team a better chance in the lottery or give them money towards Free Agency. Give reasons why a casual fan should watch this, give reasons for NBA players to risk their well being along with their families well being. Maybe have a NBA playoffs format where the winner gets something that could really help their franchise and not risk losing a good pick because the lottery is rigged. “Do you think guys like Steph Curry will play?” I really don’t see a scenario where one of the best players in the world will play for little to nothing without a big reward. If you give a reason for Steph to play you’ll get a big ratings boost from casual fans and hardcore fans because Steph Curry will dominant and if you don’t like watching Steph Curry play your opinion is very invalid to me and I will personally have a sit down with your parents to ask them what went wrong with you. So the 8 teams that are invited are the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes the Knicks are not in here because supposedly they didn’t pick up the call to be in this new bubble idea. 

What I want from this idea: At the beginning of it give each team like 3 games to warm up and then go into a playoff best of 3 or 5 series. I want the NBA to move the lottery after this bubble is over. The winner will get more lottery balls and will give them a higher chance of getting a higher pick and give the winning team money to go towards free agency. While we are making this more interesting by adding a 4 point line for guys like Steph Curry and Trae Young, just adding random stuff that will make this unlike any other basketball game give us something besides the normal play to make us want to tune into Spurs vs Cavs. Or give stipulations like if Trae Young hit *blank* the amount of threes in one game the Hawks lottery odds go up 0.1% or something like that because then people are gonna tune in to see if Trae Young could accomplish these scenarios and possibly help his team get a better pick. I’ll 100% watch this if this involves the lottery and the winning team winning something that could change a franchise. 

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