Best Number 8 in NY Sports History

Yesterday, we named Yankees Legend Mickey Mantle the best Number 7 in NY Sports History. Today we turn out focus to the number 8. Here are the nominees from each team:
Gary Carter (Mets), Yogi Berra (Yankees), Jeff Norton (Islanders), Steve Vickers (Rangers), Daniel Jones (Giants), Nick Lowery (Jets), Spencer Dinwiddie (Nets), Walt Bellamy (Knicks)

This is a tough one that came down between former Yankees catcher Yogi Berra and former Mets catcher Gary Carter. However, based on his longevity with the Yankees, and his 10 World Series Rings as a player, Yogi Berra edges out Carter. Berra was selected to the All-star game 18 times throughout his 19 year career, and was a 3x AL MVP. As for a comparison between the two catchers, Berra holds an advantage in career Homers (358 vs. 324) and Batting Average (.285 vs. .262). Additionally, Berra spent his entire career as a player in New York (18 years with the Yankees, and one at the end of his career with the Mets), whereas Carter spent just 5 of his 19 year career with the Mets. 

Honorable Mention: Gary Carter

Again, this was a tough decision, but as important of a role Carter played in the Mets’ 1986 Championship, Carter’s career stats aren’t at the level of Yogi Berra.

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