Best Number 7 in NY Sports History

Today we continue our series where we reveal the best player to wear every number in NY Sports History. Here are the nominees for the number 7: 

Jordan Eberle (Islanders), Rod Gilbert (Rangers), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks), Kevin Durant (Nets), Mickey Mantle (Yankees), Jose Reyes (Mets), Ken O’Brien (Jets), Mel Hein (Giants)

The best number 7 in New York Sports History is Mickey Mantle. Mantle played 1st Base with the Yankees from 1951-1968 (his entire career). He was an All-Star every year of his 18 year Career, and was the AL MVP three times. Mantle won the Triple Crown in 1956, which was awarded to him because he led the AL and NL in batting average (.353), Homers (52), and RBIs (130). Mickey Mantle won 7 World Series, and holds the record for the most World Series HRs (18), RBIs (40), XBH (26), Walks (43) and Runs (42). Mantle excelled in all parts of the game, including fielding, where he won a Gold Glove (best defensive player at a specific position) at First Base. 

Honorable Mention: Rod Gilbert

The former Rangers winger wore number 7 his entire 19-year career, all of which were spent with the Blueshirts. Although Gilbert never won a cup (the Ranger only have 4 in 100 years), his number 7 was the first number retired by the Rangers. Gilbert holds the Rangers’ record for the most goals (406), career points (1021) and games played by a forward (1065). Gilbert was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1982, 4 years after he retired in 1978.

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