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Top 8 Best Trade Packages for the NY Jets, in a Jamal Adams trade

For some time now, Jamal Adams has been a nuisance to the NY Jet organization since he had been pleading for an unnecessary contract extension last year. When he still has 2-3 with the New York Jets. During the trade deadline in 2019, he was rumored to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys. The rumors were flying around until the period ended, and he wasn’t moved. This offseason, he has continued to be an annoying character in the locker room. Afterward, on June 18th, Jamal Adams informed the NY Jets he wants a trade. Rich Cimini reported that news. According to Adam Schefter, since the news was released, Jamal Adams has a preferred seven teams to be traded to the Ravens, Cowboys, Seahawks, Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles, and Texans (in no order).

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He doesn’t decide his next team precisely if it’s a trade, but here are the best reasonable trades for the NY Jets on what they can get in return for All-Pro safety Jamal Adams. This list is strictly for the NY Jets:

#1: Jacksonville Jaguars

Jags receive: SS Jamal Adams and a fourth-round draft pick. Jets receive: DE Yannick Ngakoue, first-round draft pick (via Rams, Ramsey trade).

Reasoning: This trades makes so much sense because the Jaguars need a franchise cornerstone player and don’t exactly have a safety. Also, they are in the same issue as Ngakoue. He wants a new contract, and the Jaguars won’t give it. But, the Jets will because they are in DIRE need for an edge rusher, and that’s what Yannick brings to the table. Since Yannick will probably be more expensive than Adams, this makes sense, and the Jets get a first-round draft pick in return. And the chances are that the Jaguars (Rams) pick will be a 15-20 overall pick. I think this could be an excellent trade for both sides.

#2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs receive: SS Jamal Adams and a fifth-round draft pick. Jets receive OLB Shaquil Barrett and a second-round pick.

Reasoning: This trade could be phenomenal for both sides of the deal. The Bucs are getting an excellent safety that they could match up with rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. along with trading Shaq Barrett, they get a discount on paying contracts. Adams can help replace the sacks that Shaq puts up, and Shaq will be extremely expensive when his contract is up. The Jets are yet again in dire need of an edge rusher. And they have the money to pay Barrett, who is worth the contract he deserves.

#3: Baltimore Ravens

Ravens receive: SS Jamal Adams and a fourth-round draft pick. Jets receive: OLB Matthew Judon and a third-round draft pick.

Reasoning: Yet, again, this trade seems even to me. Listen both sides of the deal have brilliant minds at the general manager position. Eric DeCosta has proven he’s the man in BMore, and Joe Douglas has done the same in NY. In most probability, Judon may have another Pro Bowl year and ask for the $20+M, which he will most uprightly deserve. Now Jamal has made abundantly clear he wants the same, but he’s a safety. It wouldn’t make sense to pay a safety that much money for a team like NY, and More could make the same case with already having Earl Thomas III. But, since they are in high contingency for Jamal, this trade makes sense.

#4: Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys receive: SS Jamal Adams. Jets receive: WR Michael Gallup and a first-round draft pick or OL La’el Collins and a third-round draft pick.

Reasoning: The Cowboys need a defensive presence, especially an elite defensive back, and that is what Jamal brings to the table. This is also Jamal’s “favorite team,” so both sides (Jamal and the Cowboys) are pushing for this. The Jets need a WR along with Crowder and Mims, and Gallup could be precisely that. Or the Jets can get La’el Collins and a third-round draft pick, which would be great to continue to bolster this NY Jets offensive line.

#5: Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks receive: SS Jamal Adams and a fourth-round draft pick. Jets receive: WR Tyler Lockett and a second-round draft pick or D.K. Metcalf and a first-round draft pick.

Reasoning: The Hawks receive an elite defensive back to replace Earl Thomas III to matchup with cornerback Shaquill Griffin. Jamal could bring back those “Legion Of Boom” days. The Jets get either an option of two great upcoming WRs between Lockett or Metcalf. This brings a positive to both sides of the trade and seems equal.

#6: San Francisco 49ers

49ers receive: SS Jamal Adams. Jets receive: TE George Kittle.

Reasoning: The 49ers continue to bolster their defense and get someone to replace the sacks Deforest Buckner put up. The Jets would get a star tight end in Kittle and have someone Darnold toss it up to. 49ers may not want to give up a tight end of Kittle’s likes, but if the Jets wanted to, they could throw in Ryan Griffin or Daniel Brown, but they still have Daniel Helm.

#7: Houston Texans

Texans receive: SS Jamal Adams. Jets: WR Will Fuller V, a third-round pick and a fourth-round draft pick.

Reasoning: Listen, I’m not too fond of this trade, but Jamal wants the Texans, which is one of the best deals they can get. I don’t think the Jets get the best in return, but I believe Joe Douglas won’t make the trade if it’s not right.

#8: Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles receive: Jamal Adams and a third-round pick. Jets receive OL Andre Dillard and a first-round draft pick.

Reasoning: The Eagles need a defensive back, and Jamal yet again is that. This trade could be phenomenal on the NY Jets side or awful. Dillard can form into a superstar or crumble like paper. We will see how Douglas likes this, but he’ll most likely ask for picks

These are just some of the best trades the Jets can get, and they are reasonable when you think about it. I believe Joe Douglas won’t trade Jamal for a bag of chips like DeAndre Hopkins was traded away for in Houston. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. This was Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody.

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