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BREAKING: Emoni Bates Commits to Michigan State

  Broken by ESPN the top prospect in the 2022 Class Emoni Bates has committed to Michigan State. In my article about Emoni Bates and his potential, I stated he’s most likely gonna commit to Michigan or Michigan State because it’s close to home and both are very good programs. But I guess he values himself enough to commit to one of the best programs in the country. MSU hasn’t had a top 5 recruit commit to them in over a decade, Emoni might go down as the best committed player that MSU has ever had. In my article titled “Emoni Bates: The Superstar of the Future” I was comparing him to Kevin Durant as a lot of scouts have. Emoni straight up might be the best High School player regardless of class. 

  Now I’ll be giving you a paragraph from my Emoni article “Emoni is already a generational talent and has room to grow physically and his basketball skills, he’s only 16 and still might hit another growth spurt to get him to 7 foot. Averaging 32 PPG, 9 RPG, 3 APG, and 2 SPG, Emoni can dominate with his NBA ready jump shot, and can create space with his ball handles. Once Emoni hits you with that side to side crossover there is no way of stopping him. The one flaw at the moment is the aggressiveness at the rim, Emoni has to get more physical because he has the bounce to dunk on people and has the ability to change direction in mid air. He’s shown improvement this season with his finishing so if he fully develops it he might be a Ben Simmons with a jump shot. Another little flaw is that he needs to add more muscle but Kevin Durant has proven you can still dominate playing his way without having barely any muscle.” there is the link if you wanna read more about him.

As you can see Emoni is a special player that can be the next all timer for a franchise. If there ever was a prospect to tank for, it would be Emoni Bates. Go watch some film of this man and tell me this guy isn’t gonna be dominant as soon as he steps foot into the NBA. Now if the NBA passes a rule where HS players can go straight to the NBA, Emoni could go that path but him showing his loyalty to his family and staying near home will show he’ll 95% go to MSU in any circumstance .

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