Best Number 4 in NY Sports History

Today, we continue our series of the best player to wear each number in NY Sports History. Here are the nominees from each team for the number 4:

Robin Ventura (Mets), Tuffy Leemans (Giants), Brett Favre (Jets), Ron Greschner (Rangers), Jean Potvin (Islanders), Lou Gehrig (Yankees). 

Lou Gehrig is our selection for the best number 4 in NY Sports History. The late, great Lou Gehrig played his entire 16 year career with the Yankees, winning 6 World Series, and was a 2 time MVP. Lou Gehrig had 493 career Home Runs, along with 2,721 Hits. He also set the record for most consecutive games, at a nearly unbreakable 2,130 Games Straight. Gehrig’s great career was cut short when he began to experience an illness known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. This illness began to hinder his performance during the 1938 season, and after he began to struggle, he retired before the 1939 season. Lou Gehrig died from this horrible disease two years after his retirement, at the early age of 37. Lou Gehrig’s number 4 was retired by the Yankees later that season. He was the first player in MLB history to have his number retired.

Honorable Mention: Brett Favre

Although the quarterback’s Jets career was brief, Brett Favre was one of the best number 4’s to ever play for a NY Sports Team. In his only season with Gang Green, Favre made the Pro Bowl and brought the Jets to a 9-7 record after they went 4-12 the year before.

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