BREAKING: Cam Newton has decided to sign a one year, worth up to $7.5M. It is considered to be an incentive-laden deal with the New England Patriots. He will now join a QB Locker room of Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. To clarify, this news was broken by Adam Schefter and Adam Morrison from ESPN. If he lives up to his incentive-laden deal, he’ll make extra money from completing those incentives. Cam Newton will be working with long-time offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. This is an exciting pickup for New England. It can have a positive effect or a negative one.


This shows that Bill Belichick wants to win. They have had a massive need for a quarterback, and this answers that need. They have an empty QB room, they all have chances to start, even Brian Hoyer. Yet, Cam will most likely be the favorite to get the job, but it’s up to Bill. Bill Belichick and offensive mind Josh McDaniels both turn no-names, (not saying Cam is one), into successful players. For example, with Matt Cassel, New England went 11-5 in 2008. Same thing with Tim Tebow. New England still has a great defense and a stable offense. They even have Edelman and Sanu, leading the WR core. As well as a great offensive line, led by Joe Thuney.


Can Cam fit into the New England system, though? One of Cam’s most significant issues is his accuracy, and Belicheck needs an accurate QB. There is a massive difference between Cam Newton and Tom Brady. Tom Brady is a generational talent, and Cam is a former MVP but certainly not Tom Brady. Picking up Winston instead of Cam Newton could’ve been better since Winston is a better fit. New England should’ve tank for Lawrence or Fields instead, but that’s not what Bill is into.

No matter what the Patriots did, they were going to succeed. At no moment should they have left anyone’s brain. The big bad Patriots, now has a big chance this season. They were also punished recently for their scandal of filming the Bengals during play. Notable losses are: losing $1.1M in club funds, losing their 2021 3rd round pick, and team production crews can’t record any games next year. Not too major at all. Yet, again New England gets away with what they did. This has been Jose Calderon III at FiveBoroughDispatch; have a great day, everybody!

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