5 Wild Card MVP’s for this Shortened Season

  With the weird shortened season we are about to have in the MLB, anything could happen. Teams that could make it in a 162 game season might not be able to make it in a 60 game season. For example, the defending champs the Washington Nationals weren’t even a top 10 team around the 60 game mark last year. This season might have teams like the Mets, the Angels, and maybe the Padres that would probably not make it in a 162 game season, but have a realistic chance of making the playoffs in this weird time. It’s gonna be hard to win an MVP over guys like Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, and Christian Yelich. The magic phrase during this season is “Anything is possible” so with that in mind I’ll be giving you 5 men who are the wild cards to win the MVPs this year.

Nolan Arenado: Nolan is one of the league’s best players currently and arguably the best 3rd Baseman in Baseball. He consistently has been putting up ridiculous numbers and is the 2nd best defensive 3rd baseman but he always gets overlooked because he plays at Coors Field. Now does Coors Field give you an advantage as a hitter? Yes it does but Nolan has great away stats as well, so this really shouldn’t be an argument anymore. But for this season, Nolan has the skill set to hit the mysterious .400 BA that only a couple of men has achieved. In 60 games he might be able to put up 20+ HRs. If the Rockies make a push at the playoffs, Nolan should 100% be in the conversations with Belli and Yelich to win MVP.

Giancarlo Stanton: Now calm down Yankee fans, I know you guys aren’t fond of the guy but I really do think Giancarlo has a good chance of having a really good comeback season. Stanton came off an 18 game season last year, he’ll be looking to smash the ball. If he can have the hot streaks he had in 2017 with the Marlins, Stanton could be chilling. Yankee fans are always on this guy about how much money he makes and how much he strikes outs. In his supposide “Down” year in 2018, he still had 38 HRs, 100 RBIs, batted .266 BA, and a .509 SLG%, and had a 130 OPS+. The guy can straight up hit, plus the Yankees will utilize him and Andujar as their DH’s. Stanton will get less opportunities to get hurt and will be more really to smoke a ball. I firmly believe that Stanton will stay healthy and become the dominant player that he was and help the Yankees win number 28 and he can pick up his 2nd MVP award.

Pete Alonso: The polar bear Pete Alonso is one of the rising stars in NY and all of sports. Pete Alonso broke Aaron Judge’s rookie season HR record and was absolutely mashing the ball. If Pete can stay consistent and be the main force in the Mets making the playoffs you might have to give this man an MVP award. Do I realistically think he could hit 25+ bombs? I could see it but he needs to spread them out and keep a hot streak of them. But the thing is that 25 HRs in a 60 game season is the equivalent of 60 HRs in a 162 game season. So Pete is capable of doing it and if he does that and helps the Mets make the playoffs then I could see the Polar Bear bringing home some gold. 

Joey Gallo: Joey Gallo is one of the most underrated appreciated baseball players today. Gallo is one of the best HRs hitters in baseball and has raw power that not alot of players have. Now it’s probably because he plays for the Texas Rangers that he doesn’t get the recognition he should get but casual fans should know who he is. He finished his 70 game season last year with a .986 OPS, and a 145 OPS+ like do you know insane that is, like James Harden averaging 40 PPG in Basketball terms. Plus the Rangers are one of my sleeper teams to make a race at the Wild Card this year with the addition of Corey Klubber, Willie Calhoun, and Robinson Chirinos. 

Fernando Tatis Jr: Now this is a hot take pick here, Tatis is going into his 2nd year as a pro but people don’t realize how freakin good this kid is. I’m a big Fernando Tatis guy, like he’s my favorite player that isn’t on the Yankees. He came 3rd in ROTY voting but only played 82 games, he finished with 22 HRs, batting average at .317, slugging .590, had an OPS at .969, and a OPS+ of 153+. He was on pace to have 42 HRs, 96 RBI’s if he had a full rookie season. Would have 100% won if he was fully healthy, did I mention he has a really good glove as well? Well he does, Tatis has insane glove skill but does make a couple of throwing errors here and there but it’s something you can fix. If he can improve and make himself better this season he might be able to put those rookie stats up in a 60 game season and those are MVP numbers in a 60 game season. A future multiple time MVP but maybe he can add his first very soon. 

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