Best Number Two in NY Sports History

The number two is an obvious one, but just for kicks, here are the nominees from each team: Derek Jeter (Yankees), Mackey Sasser (Mets), Nick Leddy (Islanders), Brain Leetch (Rangers), Raul Allegre (Giants), Nick Folk (Jets)

The best number 2 in NY Sports History is, without question, Derek Jeter. 

Jeter won 5 World Series with the Yankees, and the shortstop made countless plays that brought the Yankees to those World Series. More than likely the best number 2 in Sports History, the Yankees all time leader in hits (3,465), Stolen Bases (358), and games played (2,747) was an easy pick.

Honorable Mention: Brian Leetch

Although it was never a competition with Derek Jeter, Brian Leetch is worth mentioning as the best American born player in NHL History besides Patrick Kane. He won the Stanley Cup with the Rangers, and was their Captain for 4 seasons.

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