Dear Spike Lee, come home, go with Brooklyn (Nets)…

Hello Spike Lee, if you are reading this, come home. Your hometown is Brooklyn, NY, US, and you consider yourself as a Brooklynite. Since forever, you have fallen in love with the Basketball team the New York Knicks. Since their glory days in the 70s with Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere, Dick Barnett, and company when they won the NBA Finals in 1970 and 1973. As a sports fan myself, it’s hard to move on from a team that you’ve loved for so long, but it is insanity what James Dolan has done to you. They don’t deserve you, Spike. The fact that you don’t have a “Spike Lee Entrance” and free season tickets is outrageous. Being from Brooklyn, NY, in the 70s led you to only be a Knicks fan due to the Knicks being the only team. But, that 70s team isn’t coming back. Now, it’s different because Brooklyn has a team. Many players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving don’t want in on the Knicks soley due to the fact of ownership.

James Dolan Photographer: Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Meanwhile, they won’t be able to attract big-name free agents until James Dolan is out, which won’t be soon since he’s not thinking of selling, and he’s only 65 years old. If you were to come home to the Brooklyn Nets, I am sure Joseph Tsai will gladly accommodate you in any fashion. They won’t do to you what the Knicks did to Charles Oakley and yourself. The Knicks personally targeted you, Spike, and the way Dolan spoke to you was extremely out-of-pocket. I listened to your interview with the Michael Kay Show (Link: https://youtu.be/rStGbhUlxJU), and at 10:15, you say, “It’s over three hundred thousand dollars,” Spike you shouldn’t have to pay a penny. Then later in the show, it reveals you have had to pay over $10,000,000. It’s disgraceful what the Knicks have done to you. Rapper Drake is a Toronto native and makes sense he is a Raptors fan and not a fan of a team from elsewhere. Spike, it would be best if you did it. Common said, “I’m going with Brooklyn,” and the Nets have a brighter future. Why root for a team that doesn’t value your contribution. As a fan Spike, it’s time to “Spike the Knicks out of here!” Let’s go with Brooklyn, your hometown now has a sports franchise since the Brooklyn Dodgers. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. This is Jose Calderon III from FiveBoroughDispatch and have a beautiful day everyone!

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