WOOOO!! They did it, they finally did it. The MLB and MLBPA have finally agreed on a 60 game season on the proposal from March that would allow full prorated salaries. Spring Training will be upon us in just 7 days and we’ll have baseball games in 3 weeks time. But with this weird season will come new changes that some baseball fans will disagree with. They haven’t stated if they’ll have an extended playoff but that’s unlikely if they agreed on no playoff shares. The two changes confirmed for the 2020 season are the Universal DH, and if the game goes into extras there will be a runner on 2nd to make the game go “quicker”. Not a big fan of the runner on 2nd but I love the Universal DH because now the last batter doesn’t have to always be free out. Now hopefully everyone can be smart by following and taking all the precautions necessary so they don’t ruin this for everyone. Now I’ll be discussing how this plan will affect the Yankees and Mets.

Yankees: Shorter season or not, the Yankees are expected to be in the World Series this year against the Dodgers. Anything besides not winning a World Series is a failure at this point, there is no foot forward, it’s all downhill if they don’t win. Now if there was one team that would benefit from the man on 2nd it would be the Yankees because everyone in our lineup can straight up hit the ball. The big question is “will everyone on the Yankees stay healthy this year?” Well with a new training staff hopefully we can keep players healthy. Hicks, Judge, Paxton, and Andujar are all coming off big injuries and hopefully will make an impact when the season starts. With the addition of our new ace Gerrit Cole, this season is World Series Win or Bust. This has to be our season, but I know “you guys have said this for the last 3 years.” Well this is the best we’ve been and especially since the Astros could be shook by their whole situation could mean this could be the Yankees time but won’t be easy to get through Bellinger, Betts, and the Dodgers. 

Mets: Well if there wasn’t a perfect time to be a Met fan here it is now. This new plan helps the Mets a lot and could make them a lock in the playoffs this year. The DH is huge because now they can put Cano at DH and put someone who’s actually good at defense. They get to keep their good bat in Cano in the lineup while having someone capable of turning a double play. The Mets cannot afford a slump with Pete Alonso, they need him to be consistent the whole season for them to have a chance. They need deGrom on top of his game and dominate his competitors like usual. They need Edwin Diaz to really have a big comeback year after a very disappointing season. They need McNeil to be the constant in the lineup everyday. The Mets need a lot of thing for this to turn out good, but with there record of starting the season off hot it could be their time to shine in the NL East.

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