Way Too Early 2020-2021 MLB Free Agent Predictions

The 2021 Free Agency class could be stacked this offseason. I wanted to write this today because we don’t know if we’re having a season yet and if they don’t play at all, the season counts towards players contracts. So I’ll be giving you 5 big free agents and predicting where they’ll go. This will be based upon if there is no MLB season. 

1. Mookie Betts: OF/Dodgers 

Mookie Betts is easily a top 5 player in the MLB when healthy. In Mookie’s “down year” last season he batted .295 BA, with 29 HRs, 80 RBIs, slugging .524, and a OPS .915. Yeah I know that’s a down year for the great Mookie Betts, if any Blue Jay put those numbers up they would be considered the Barry Bonds of that franchise. Now where do I see him going? Well I could see a lot of possibilities like resigning a short term deal with the Dodgers, or going back to the Red Sox because they have money now, or the wild card team… The Reds. Now do I think he’ll go to Reds no but is it a real possibility, Yes.

Prediction: Resign Short Term with Dodgers

Wild Card: The Reds

2. DJ LeMahieu: INF/Yankees

DJ LeMahieu finished 3rd in MVP voting in the AL last season. DJ was the shining star on a star driven Yankees team. DJ was a very quiet guy and everyone in the locker room and all Yankee fans love him. Even the old heads like him because he plays the game like they want all baseball to be players, “small ball.” DJ batted .327, with 26 HRs, 102 RBIs, .375 OBP, slugged .518, and had a .893 OPS. Now Yankee fans like me would be crying on the floor if DJ LeMahieu left but we know DJ is more of a loyalty and wants to win guy and not a money thirsty player *COUGH BRYCE HARPER COUGH*.

Prediction: Extension with the Yankees

Wild Card: Los Angeles Angels 

3. JT Realmuto: C/Phillies 

JT has always been overlooked by casual MLB fans, JT is the best catcher in the league. He can frame, block, has a hose, can run the bases well, has speed, can hit for power, can hit for contact. The man can just do it all, after getting traded from the Marlins the Phillies have been seeking an extension of JT but they really haven’t made any progress yet. Last year, JT batted .275 BA, with 25 HRs, 83 RBIs, .328 OBP, slugged .493, and had an OPS of .820. Stats won’t show his catching abilities because the man is the perfect catcher on the defensive end. Phillies fans are you nervous that JT might leave? Well you are gonna be disappointed.

Prediction: Los Angeles Angels

Wild Card: New York Mets

4. Trevor Bauer: SP/Reds

Well if you read my article about Trevor Bauer you’ll know that I’m a very big fan of his. So my prediction might seem biased but I truly think if Paxton or Tanaka don’t resign with the Yankees, Trevor Bauer will be a New York Yankee. Now since I gave you a spoiler I’ll explain my reasoning, Paxton and Tanaka take up $35M in cap and if they leave we can offer that to Bauer, “but how will we replace the other guy?” Well we can finally call up Devi Garcia and give him the chance he’s been waiting for. But the rotation could be, Cole, Bauer, Severino, German, Garcia. I like that, I like that a lot.

Prediction: New York Yankees

Wild Card: Los Angeles Angels

5. George Springer: OF/Astros

George Springer has much as I hate complementing Astros players is one of the best CFer’s in baseball but can’t always stay healthy. Springer always has that chance of winning MVP every season. He has the bat, the glove, he can basically do anything you ask as proven in the *2017 World Series* when he won the MVP of the *World Series*. While missing 40 games last season, George still batted .292 BA, with 39 HRs, 96 RBIs, .383 OBP, slugged .591, and had a .974 OPS. Yes this man is amazing and I truly think he’s the best Astro when healthy. But I think his decision will be to leave the Astros, because him leaving will help get the stigma around his name with the cheating scandal off a little.

Prediction: Boston Red Sox

Wild Card: Arizona Diamondbacks 

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