Trevor Bauer: The Hero we Never Knew we Needed

  Now most of this article won’t be about Trevor Bauer as a baseball player but this will mostly be about Trevor Bauer the human being. Firstly, let’s talk about his baseball background for the people who are unaware. Trevor Bauer is currently playing for the Cincinnati Reds but has formally been known for playing with the Indians for 7 years on the major league club. At the age of 29, Trevor Bauer is one the most outspoken players in today’s game. With his split time in Cleveland and Cincinnati last year he put up a 11-13 record with a 4.48 ERA, 1.249 WHIP, and 252 K’s. If I had to choose my favorite picture outside of the Yankees, it would 100% be Trevor Bauer solely based on his off field stuff. 

Being Outspoken: Trevor Bauer is the voice of the voiceless for MLB players and the MLB fans around the world. He’s had the wherewithal to call out the MLB commissioner Rob Manfred on numerous occasions about sticky situations like the Astros scandal, and the new extended playoff idea. Trevor has two youtube channels one is “Momentum” and the other one is just “Trevor Bauer” but this is where (along with Twitter) he gets his points across and tries to tell the MLB fans what’s going on in a certain situation. For example, during the Astros cheating scandal he was posting tweets about how badly the Astros should be punished and was basically the only player speaking up at the time. Even during a Spring Training game this spring, he was telling the hitter what pitch was coming because he was trying to tell the MLB how easy it was to hit with a cheating scheme, the other point that was getting across there was that the MLB came down to lightly on them that 100% gives them a very good advantage.

Watch the Video and see his passion about Baseball

I really like Trevor Bauer because he’s the MLB Fans voice that isn’t heard from the higher ups. I know sometimes his tweets or his videos can come off whiny but him complaining is the only way he’ll get his voice heard because the MLB is very owner driven and the owners basically make all the moves. Plus his passion for the game is unmatched, for darn sake he threw a ball from the pitcher’s mound over the center field wall when he was getting taken out of the game. Everytime he ends an inning the energy he produces coming off the mound gets you hyped up even if you’re against him. Now I hated Trevor Bauer at first because this man shut down the Yankees in the 2017 ALDS by throwing 25+ straight curveballs, and I was very mad but his play style and his off the field tactics have made me a big fan of his and after reading this maybe you’ve became a fan as well.

Again if you have Time take some to listen to this.

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