Could Aaron Judge be on the Way Out if Injury’s get to him Again?

   I know Yankee fans don’t wanna see this title and probably didn’t expect this to happen until Judge’s contract came up. But as a fellow Yankee fan I think with his recent rib injury this has become a subject at hand that as Yankee fans we should discuss. Aaron Judge has been the star and face of the New York Yankees for a decent amount of time now, only a handful of people have been called the face of the Yankees like Derek Jeter, Mariano River, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, and a couple of more names. Aaron Judge is easily a top 5 player in the MLB when healthy but hasn’t been able to hit that 2017 mark ever since his 2018 injury.

Now you’re asking,”why in the blue moon would we trade the face of our franchise now?” Well I don’t want to say it but I just think he’s too injury prone to keep under our wing, all these injuries are freak injuries which suck for him. With the latest rib injury if he has to get the rib removed, he will be out until the 2021 All Star Break which would be a catastrophe. As of June 19th, Judge hasn’t been cleared to play yet if the 2020 season started. If the season wasn’t cancelled and was still playing this would be a major concern for the Yankees that their All Star was out yet again around the All Star Break. With how good our offense is with Gleyber, DJ, Stanton, Hicks, and Gary, I think if Judge doesn’t get healthy we could look for other options. When Judge was out the last two seasons, we played great in those stretches and if we traded Judge for prospects I could see us in a win win situation.

There are big time FA corner outfielders coming up soon, like Mookie Betts. Now this does not mean I want to trade Judge and sign Mookie, that is not what I’m saying. I’m saying replacing Judge in this offense could be very simple. If Judge was like the Trout of our offense then I definitely wouldn’t trade him, the Trout of our offense means that he’s the only one scoring and hitting. But yet again the Yankees offense is so stacked, we have a future MVP Gleyber Torres, we have DJ who is always consistent, Gary who is a future Silver Slugger and possible MVP. Now what would a trade look like for Aaron Judge? Well personally I would want a high pitching prospect from a team because of Paxton and Tanaka being on their last years of their contract and Severino we don’t know yet how he’ll play after Tommy John.

Verdict: Aaron Judge can’t do anything about these freak injuries but Yankee fans need to be prepared to see his ship sail away if the injury bug keeps getting to him.

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