Jahmi’us Ramsey: Late 1st Round Stud?

  Jahmi’us Ramsey is a 6’4 195 pound SG from Texas Tech University. As of June 18th, Ramsey has been projected as a late lottery or early to mid 20’s. “Why is it this guy that will be the stud when there are so many good players in this draft?” Well here’s why, Ramsey averaged 15PPG, 4RPG, and 2.2APG on 44%FG, and 43% from deep. Ramsey has the ceiling of Bradley Beal and the bottom of Malik Monk. That’s why I would compare Ramsey to Bradley Beal because of how similar they play. 

Strengths: Ramsey is an elite 3 point shooter as you can see from his percentages, he averaged 5 3PA per game in college. “So how does this kid compare to an all star like Bradley Beal?” Well Ramsey potential to be an elite 3 level scorer, he has the cools to do it but we don’t know if he’ll get into the right system to reach that potential. He would need a system where there is a lot of movement so he can consistently get open. Ramsey has a very smooth and fundamentally sounded jumpshot, but he might have to bring up his shot from his forehead to above his forehead. Now he also brings the best footwork into this draft, he’s just very smooth on the offensive side of the ball. Well something that can be a positive or negative thing is his confidence in his offensive repertoire. It’s always nice to know you have something that believes in himself and will take the big shot if needed. If he wants to be that 3 level scoring machine, he needs to improve his ball handling abilities and his moves to get to the rim. Ramsey has great body control with his floaters and pulls ups which makes him a very advanced 19 year old. He has a real scoring mentality when he gets the ball, so if you really need a basket pass it to Ramsey. Very good athlete as well, he’s explosive when he has space but mostly a two foot jumper. The one last strength I’ll say about Jahmi’us is his swagger that he composes, I know swag isn’t a real strength but for his marketing and his popularity it will be good. I could definitely see him as a popular Twitter Avi soon.

Weakness: Ramsey is the complete polar opposite of his offensive play. Now this is where the Bradley Beal comparison becomes more relevant, they both don’t play a smig of defense correctly. Like Ramsey’s defense is horrible but he does have the tools with his speed and his 6’10 wingspan. He’s shown flashes of being a decent defender but his consistency hasn’t been there. He might be up there with RJ Barrett with FT shooting but does have machines to make him decent at the line. I’ve told you guys that he’s a score first type of guy so that basically means that he’s not a great passer, he tries to get too flashy with the passes or he sees the open man too late. He puts up a lot of bad shots in the early stages of the possession but that could be easily be fixed by a coach. This will be my final point about Jahmi’us, he has a lot of potential but I think he has the tools unlike some other guys in this class to be the most lethal scorer a couple of years after this upcoming draft.

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