New York Giants

Top 5 Opposing Quarterbacks the Giants face in 2020

It’s been about a month since the Schedule was released and I finally think it’s time to start ranking the opposition. In the first installment of this series, I will be ranking the Top 5 quarterbacks the New York Giants defense will face in 2020.

#5) Jimmy Garoppolo ( San Francisco 49ers)

At #5 we have Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers, In my honest opinion, he is probably one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL. In 2019 Garoppolo was carried (to say the least ) by his run-first system which finished 2nd in the NFL averaging 144.1 yards per game. Despite this, Garoppolo is still an above-average Quarterback in the NFL finishing the season with; 27 touchdowns, 3978 yards, and a 69.1 completion percentage.

Week 3: 1:00 PM EST

#4) Dak Prescott ( Dallas Cowboys)

Dak Prescott is probably the hardest Quarterback to rank in the NFL, his stats would suggest he is an elite quarterback, however, he simply is not due to the fact that he played in one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. With that being said, I still believe Prescott is a good Quarterback and with the addition of CeeDee Lamb in the draft, Dak Prescott will be as dangerous as ever (if he plays)!! In 2019 Prescott threw 4902 yards and 30 touchdowns en route to missing the playoffs with an 8-8 record.

Week 5: 4:25 PM EST

Week 17: 1:00 PM EST

#3) Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles)

At #3 we have Carson Wentz before the 2019 season I would’ve been shocked if anyone were to put Wentz above Prescott but after the run Wentz went on at the end of last season there is not a doubt in my mind Wentz is the better Quarterback. Coming off a disappointing loss against the Miami Dolphins with 4 games left in the season and all of Carson Wentz ‘s starting Wide Receivers injured the Eagles needed to win out in order to make the playoffs and that is exactly what Wentz did in incredible fashion with game-winning drives after game-winning drives and impeccable throws Wentz was able to will his beaten-down team into the playoffs later losing to Russell Wilson in the wildcard round. Wentz finished the season with 4039 yards, 27 touchdowns, on a 63.9 completion percentage.

Week 7: 8:20 PM EST

Week 10: 1:00 PM EST

#2) Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

In 2019 Lamar Jackson put himself in the “best quarterback in the NFL conversation” with his flashy playstyle and his feel for the game. While I did consider putting Lamar Jackson at #1 I felt like most would agree with me that the player I have at #1 is a much better Quarterback than Lamar is. Despite not putting Lamar at #1 he is still a threat arguably the biggest weapon in all of the NFL due to his ability to burn you on the ground and in the air. In 2019 Lamar Jackson finished the season with 3127 passing yards, 1206 rushing yards (breaking Michael Vick’s record),43 total touchdowns, on a 66.1 completion percentage.

Week 16: 1:00 PM EST

#1) Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) 

Russell Wilson received my hypothetical vote for MVP in 2019. I’m not taking anything away from Lamar Jackson, but the Ravens would have still won their division with several other quarterbacks. At the same time, the Seahawks were often kept afloat by Wilson alone. Only Brady and Rodgers graded better in a five-year evaluation. And over the last three seasons? Wilson reigns supreme with only an aging Drew Brees nipping at his heels. He’s tossed 31 or more touchdowns in three consecutive years, having thrown single-digit interceptions in five of eight. Having been consistently pressured, sacked, and pushed to his limits, Wilson has yet to miss a single start in his career. Russell Wilson is unequivocally the best representation of what a franchise is looking for in a signal-caller and my top NFL quarterback of 2020.

Honorable mention: Kyler Murray

*The final paragraph was not written by me it was written by Shane Tyler of pro football network if you wanna read his article here is a link I used his paragrapgh because it hit everyone one of my points better than i could’ve if he wants me to delete it I will.*

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