The Breaking Point: Part 4 “The Fallout”

OK OK OK, this is where I get very deep with this story and talk about why I’m not a Knicks fan anymore. Now I know I’m gonna get backlash for leaving my team and not coming back, well there are very good reasons why I’m never coming back unless on one condition and I’ll save that till the end. So the fallout was on a decline after the 2012-2013 season why? Here’s why, Phil Jackson came in as GM of the Knicks and ruined everything, they traded my family, my childhood out for trash. They traded Tyson Chandler for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they traded my 3rd favorite player of all time JR Smith and Iman Shumpert to the Cavs for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You see the trend here, I know they don’t know I exist but the fact they threw out my childhood like it was nothing, they gave away people they were the only people to make me happy in life.

At that point I had very little anything, I barely had any friends, actually in 2012-2013 I didn’t have any friends. Throughout every single day of my life in the early stages I was looking forward to watching my childhood heroes play. The only thing that kept me happy throughout the day was looking forward to the game. Barely anyone in my school knew I was existing at that time, they knew me as this lonely happy sports fanatic. I talked to nobody about sports because at that age nobody cared, the only way I was talking about it was through my notebook I had, where I would write my favorite parts of the game and how good Melo did. I hope you can see what they did to me, they threw out my childhood like it was nothing, I know I know, “well that’s not their fault” YES IT IS, at least they could have gotten good assets to put around Melo at the time but NO they got Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalen-whatever. And I DON’T EVEN KNOW who they got from the JR Smith and Iman Shumpert trade. After they got traded I didn’t connect to any player on the Knicks besides Melo and Tim Hardaway Jr. I didn’t care about them, they weren’t my guys that made me happy. And after Melo and Tim got traded, I didn’t like a single soul on the team. After the 2014 season, they refused to build around Melo THEY REFUSED, and it was pissing me off what they were doing with the money. They were incapable at signing good free agents, they are incapable at making a big trade, they are incapable of hiring a good coach after Mike Woodson. Then they drafted Kristaps Porzingis and I sort of connected to him but I was very close to cutting the string with the Knicks at the time so I never did.

So here we go, this is where it gets started, the Melo trade. Well this wasn’t the exact moment I became a ex-knicks fan but I was on the scale of another team, the Los Angeles Lakers now listen this was before LeBron this was when Lonzo Ball was drafted because Lonzo was one of my favorite players that connected in a while. I remember the news that broke of Carmelo Anthony getting traded and I started downpouring, like not joking with you a mixed feeling of anger and depression and it was one of the low points in my life because of the point of Carmelo Anthony being a crucial part of why I’m still sitting here today. Now you’re like right now, “how could you be depressed over something as little as sports and especially with a player that was on the decline?” Well SPORTS WAS ALL I HAD IN LIFE, sports for me today is the only thing that I care about, sports is the reason I’m in a friend group now but I still think I’m still an afterthought in that group. Carmelo Anthony is the reason for everything in my life, I firmly believe and if you think this is bullshit I understand but I firmly believe Carmelo Anthony is my guardian angel because he’s always been there for me, he’s never let me down, he was the father I never had even though he doesn’t even know I exist. Carmelo was everything to me and the Knicks refused to build a good team around him, yes he had the 2012-2013 but Melo and JR were carrying a way below average team. And once the season started without Melo on the Knicks I realized that I wasn’t a team guy after all these years, I’ve been a Melo guy. I didn’t connect to any other human as I did with Carmelo Anthony. Yeah I know Carmelo Anthony was basically traded for Michell Robinson and Knicks fans see that as a win but they don’t realize what that trade did to me. It felt like a knife ripping through my life memories and just taking them away from me.

Now here comes an interesting section, “The Knicks fans” so after the Melo trade and still to this day, I see Melo slander that’s incorrect and I try not to get furious with that person. Well when Melo got traded I saw way more negative words to the guy then positive from Knicks fans. Bashing the guy for never doing anything with the Knicks but THEY NEVER BUILT A TEAM around him properly. Telling me he’s overrated is one thing, a Knick fan telling me he’s overrated is next level because the man gave basically all of his career on terrible teams giving it his all, putting all his blood, sweat and tears for this sorry excuse of a franchise. He carried your sorry ass franchise to 2nd in the East and the last time you’ve been to the playoffs. Knicks fans really push my buttons because they think they are entitled to every FA superstar in the market. Knicks fans all the time tell me “you’re a bandwagon fan”, “how come you aren’t a Knicks fan but have a Knicks twitter avi?” Well on twitter I’m trying to represent my peak of happiness, the good times for me, something the Knicks tore away from me. Yeah I’m a fan of another team right now, but I’m NOT AS BIG OF A LAKER FAN AS I WAS A KNICKS FAN. The Lakers won’t ever give me the same feeling as a fan as the Knicks did. So why aren’t I a Knicks fan anymore? Well it’s simple, they refused to build around my childhood hero, my guardian angel, the guy who was my only friend, the guy that gave me everything in life, Carmelo Anthony.

Now since you’ve made it to the end, you’re asking, “what’s that one condition?” Well here it is, the one way I see myself back as a Knicks fan is if they resign Melo and treat him right. You Knicks fans probably won’t want me back but if they can solve and patch the very big wound on me and get the bad taste out of my mouth about the Melo stuff I would gladly consider coming back, but as of now I’m very happy being a NBA fan and not a Knicks fan. But you never know most things do come full circle. #STAYME7O

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