Bias Rant: Yankees did Nothing Wrong

 Ok so this is gonna be a different kinda writing from me today, I’m not going to be telling you about some HS player or some college player. Today I’m talking about the bullcrap I’ve seen on my Twitter feed this morning. So I’ve been a die hard Yankee fan now for as long as I can remember, and I can say from experience that the Yankees just get hate for being the best organization in sports, 27 WORLD SERIES RINGS, yes the infamous over used comeback for us Yankee fans but what else are we gonna use “wElL aArOn JuDgE hIt A hR aGaInSt yOu oN aPrIl 29th” nah nah we play baseball for championships and if we get to flex that we have the most championships in sports I’m gonna do  exactly that.

Well the Yankees have got accused of cheating this morning by some rip off Athletic (News Website). And the audacity Astros fans have shown so far is very much pissing me off, like Carlos Correa could fall off a cliff and I wouldn’t give two ice cream scoops about it. Like I haven’t seen any Red Sox fans on my Timeline talking about it and the fact that I hate the Astros more than the Red Sox speaks volume. MLB writers are trying to make up for this to take off pressure off the owners and players for not knowing how to negotiate. If there is something it won’t be worse then the Astros did, and everyone has to come to the same conclusion that every MLB team sign steals in some capacity and since this got released and it’s linked to the Yankees it will be blown out of proportion. Like my hatred for the Astros runs deep right now and I hate them more then anything and anyone.

Your favorite team is poverty compared to mine.

Do not get me started on the Astro fans, oh my lord I want to strangle them every time they open their mouth. They just say the more unintelligent stuff by supporting what the Astros did in 2017, like you guys should not have that 2017 banner and it should be the Yankees or Dodgers because we actually earned that right to play in the WS. And the supposed buzzer with Altuve also got me riled up because why wouldn’t you want to celebrate by tearing your shirt off after hitting a walk off HR off the best closer in baseball. And we all know he wasn’t trying to cover up that tattoo because no one would have given you crap for a bad tattoo. Bregman is also a piece of *Bathroom language* like the guy has no common sense whatsoever and it shows. The man read off a script for an apology like you really couldn’t do something independently for once in your career. That Astro apology was the definition of disrespectful because the owner said they did nothing wrong and then proceeded to say that he doesn’t recall saying that. So that’s my mini rant about this situation and I still want to write more but I have other writing to attend to but now you know where I stand and I really can’t wait for Yankees vs Astors so I can see some Astros get plunked because they don’t deserve anything.

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