Does Bronny have what it takes?

  We’ve seen all the press LeBron James Jr (aka Bronny) has been getting for his freshman year at Sierra Canyon, there has been so much hype for this young man ever since birth and I’m not joking about that. Bronny has a lot of pressure being LeBron James son and he’s been handling it well so far. You can see a lot of his father in Bronny, by the way he moves on the court, to the way he plays with such ease. Bronny is listed as 6’2 176 lbs at the age of 15, yeah did I mention his voice is so deep to the point where it’s deeper than most grown men. The kid is already a freakish athlete at the age of 15, now can he become the player that everyone expects him to be, can he one day play with his dad in the NBA? Well I’ll tell you why and how he can.

Comparing Father and Son: Now I’ve watched Bronny for a while now and I see a lot of LeBron in him. Bronny for his age is one of the best passers, he has elite court vision, and very unselfish. Bronny doesn’t take over games like his pops does, but he gets his teammates involved. Bronny also has some of LeBron’s finishing abilities, like the ability to change his shot mid air, he has Bron’s hang time. Plus he can dunk and be creative at a young age, Bronny’s basketball IQ is unmatched for his class. As of June 9th 2020, Bronny was ranked 24th in the 2023 ESPN Top 100, now you’re asking, “how are people hyping him up to be the next big thing but only be ranked 24th?” Well it’s simple he’s not the best as of right now, he is not no Mikey Williams and probably won’t be by the end of senior year. One thing Bronny has over LeBron is his smooth jumpshot, Bronny definitely has the better looking jumpshot and he’s proven it’s consistent.

What does Bronny have to do?: What Bronny has to do right now in my opinion is to add more to his frame, at the same age Bron’s frame looked like a grown man. Don’t get me wrong Bronny has a pretty big body for his age but if he wants to take over games like his pops, he needs to add more. There really isn’t a lot he can do to his game because it’s pretty flawless, the one thing I’ll say is that he needs to become more of an aggressive scorer. He needs to use that smooth jumpshot, he needs to show off his acrobatic skills at the rim.

Can he play with his Father?: Yes I think he can, here’s why Bronny in his freshman year didn’t play a lot but he had competition in practice. BJ Boston one of the best players in the 2020 class, Zaire Wade one of the best in his respective class, I’m probably missing more but you see that Bronny is surrounding himself with guys that will make him better and prepare him for his time to shine in HS basketball. As of now LeBron is planning to play with his son in the NBA if he makes it, and if that happens it will be the first case of a father and son playing together. LeBron’s contract with the Lakers ends in two years and Bronny will be a junior, so if the NBA lets HS players to go right into the NBA, Bron will most likely take a 1 year deal somewhere, and if Bronny goes to college Bron will most likely sign a two year deal somewhere. Do I think a 40 year old LeBron could compete with his son on the same team? Well I think they could, Bron still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down the only thing stopping him now is injuries. Hopefully one day we’ll see Bronny and LeBron in the same jersey on the same court. (But not in a Knicks jersey)

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