What Happened to LiAngelo Ball?

  We all know the Ball family for all sorts of different reasons, the three Ball brothers tearing up CA in high school, maybe you know them because of their outspoken father LaVar, or you know them for the China incident back in 2017. Everyone talks about Lonzo, and now the media is going crazy for LaMelo who is a projected top 3 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but people forgot about LiAngelo Ball, the 21 year old is the middle child in the Ball family and is the misfit out of the three. You’re probably saying, “it makes sense that he didn’t make it, because he wasn’t good enough.” Well I don’t think that’s the case, LiAngelo could’ve been a 2nd round pick if he didn’t want some Louis Vuitton that his dad could’ve bought him but you know college athletes aren’t the brightest of people. LiAngelo always had the normal looking jumpshot, he was primarily a spot up shooter that was very good at getting open off-ball and being able to get a good shot up. His problems in High School going into college were, he was built like a middle linebacker but played SG. He was the least athletic out of the 3 Ball brothers, and that was a major concern for his draft stock. Now you’re asking, “is there still a chance for him to be in the NBA?” Well I’ll tell you what I think.

Still a Chance?: LiAngelo in the preseason of his short stint at UCLA showed improvement in his weight, his athleticism, and now could create his own shot with his dribble off a pump fake. After the China incident and LaVar pulling him to go to Lithuania, LiAngelo didn’t get any attention from NBA scouts for the draft but got an opportunity with the Lakers with a tryout before the Draft but ended up going undrafted. After that he joined his father’s JBA league and he averaged over 50+ points with 42 FGA. Like how do you even put up 42 shots a game? I don’t even think James Harden can do that! He still showed he is a very good spot up shooter and every NBA team needs a spot up shooter *KNICKS*. NBA Summer League teams showed interest in LiAngelo last offseason but couldn’t play because he had surgery on his ligaments in his ankles. But now he is on the practice squad with the Thunders G League team the Oklahoma City Blue, and the thing I think could help LiAngelo be a bench player for a NBA teams is that if he can dedicate and shown improvement because LiAngelo has always been a raw prospect and needs help achieving his potential that most people see in him, like the guy lead CA in scoring in his Senior year with 44 PPG. Will we ever see a Ball Brother team up? I honestly think so if LiAngelo can get his game put together, and can show he’s consistently improving. Gelo has proved he’s a great off ball player, but could never play defense, he’s a great finisher, but could improve on his passing, he has size to bully people, but needs to improve on his low post footwork. LiAngelo will never reach Lonzo and LaMelo stardom and skill level, but he could be a good bench player for some NBA team and I’m excited to see him give it a go.

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