The Breaking Point: Part 2 “Linsanity”

  Coming off a disappointing 4-0 series loss to the Celtics, the Knicks had to look to build more pieces around Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e. They brought in former DPOTY Tyson Chandler, and when I say I was excited, I was jumping everywhere for hours. I’ve always liked guys that protect the rim, and Tyson was the leader in that. We drafted Iman Shumpert outta Georgia Tech and to be honest I didn’t care for drafting a defensive guard but he grew on me and I ended up going to his summer camp the following summer. So in conclusion I was so ready for this season and I was hyped to see my team make a run at the Finals. 

The Beginning of the 2011-2012 Season

  So this season was shortened due to the lockout so the first game was on Christmas at MSG vs the Celtics, and I woke up more excited that the season was starting rather than my presents for Christmas. The Knicks won 106-104 led by Carmelo Anthony’s 37 points, and that made it one of my favorite Christmas ever. I got to see my favorite player carry my team to beat Boston, I got my first Carmelo Anthony jersey, it was really one of my best days ever. As the season progressed, the team was looking alright, nothing too special and nothing too horrible, then one of my favorite and least favorite moments as a Knicks fan occurred.


On February 4th 2012, one of the most memorable runs in recent memory happened. Linsainy. I remember being a big Jeremey Lin fan when he started doing very good, especially when he beat the late great Kobe Bryant on February 10th. Then on February 17, The Knicks signed JR Smith, JR as of right now is my 3rd favorite player of all time, I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. JR has this swagger around him that was unmatched, his tattoos, his armband, this man was the definition of swagger to me, and the way he played basketball always made me love him. He had the athletic ability to do flashy dunks, and can shoot way beyond the arc. The man was just so cool to me. But after Carmelo Anthony came back and started getting into a groove again, I started hearing people say, “oww Melo is jealous of Lin’s spotlight” and to be honest I didn’t agree, people started slandering Melo left and right for doing his job on the team, SCORE, what was Melo suppose to do huh, I’m very happy Melo came back because we probably would’ve resigned Lin’s overrated ass. The Knicks management finally made a good decision for once and realized that they would be overpaying a below average player. I didn’t like the feeling of people criticizing my favorite person in the world because of some nonsense. And to add on what did Jeremy Lin do for the rest of his career? Ohhh wait absolutely nothing, he signed a ridiculous contract with the Rockets, and then played like himself ever since, a one hit below average basketball player. To this day I still hate when people slander Melo for no reason, and the slander from Knicks fans on my guardian angel will be another reason I took my fandom somewhere else.

The Breaking Point Extra: Not writing about Amar’e punching a fire hydrant, because it will actually make me wanna punch a fire hydrant. THE ONLY thing I’ll say is WHY WOULD YOU PUNCH THE FIRE HYDRANT?!

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