Why People should be Talking about Myles Powell

  If you consume as much Big East basketball as I do you know what this guy can bring to the table. But if you’re not familiar with him, you sure will after reading about him. His name is Myles Powell, the 22 year old from Trenton NJ, was 82nd ranked in the ESPN Top 100 for the Class of 2016. He took the offer from Seton Hall which is 1 hour away from his hometown. Myles Powell has always been known for his scoring ability in high school and college. His junior and senior year at Seton Hall he averaged 22.1 PPG which was 2nd in the Big East behind Markus Howard in both seasons. He shot 41.8% from the field during his time with the Pirates. He can shoot the long ball but can shoot it efficiently, but with good NBA coaching that can be easily fixed. I’ve seen him destroy my RedStorm on numerous occasions and you can tell this kid is special.

Comparison: If I had to compare him to an NBA player it would be JR Smith, here’s why he can create his own shot anywhere on the court, can put up 30 at any given moment, when he gets a hot hand there is no stopping him. JR Smith has been a big Seton Hall supporter over the last couple of years and this is what he had to say about Myles, “I think Powell has NBA potential.” Myles Powell was First team All-Big East twice (2019 , 2020), he won the Big East player of the year for the 2019-2020 season. He helped Seton Hall become ranked this season at 15th in the country, and was looking good going into the NCAA Tournament.

Big East Rant: I’ve seen great players from the Big East over the last two years and some of them go undrafted because nobody knew them, for example – Shamorie Ponds (SJU), Justin Simon (SJU), and now Myles Powell and Markus Howard (MU) might go undrafted when they both were top tier scorers in the country, it’s sad how it works in college. No matter how good you are, if you’re not on a big time program you are not gonna be seen by any NBA scouts and I’m tired of seeing these great players go to waste because we aren’t in the ACC. The Big East in 2020 was one of the most dominant conferences in the country, Butler is ranked, Seton Hall is ranked, Creighton is ranked, Providence was alright this year, Marquette was starting to get the hang of it when conference play started, St. Johns could compete with anyone. I think Myles Powell has 1st round talent but scouts won’t see that, if you want an elite scorer you draft Myles Powell if you get the chance. He will be the Devonte Graham of the 2020 Draft and that’s my promise to you.

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