What’s Next for Cade Cunningham?

    Cade Cunningham is one of the bright stars for a future NBA team and nobody can deny that. Cade is a 6’7-215 pound SG that can handle the ball like a PG and can bully you in the post like a PF. Cade is the projected 1st overall pick on multiple mock boards and it just makes sense. Wait did I mention he has a 7 foot wingspan? Yeah this guy hits differently, he can score at will anywhere on the court and still be very efficient. At the EYBL tournament last year he averaged 23.8 PPG on 59% from the field and 35% from 3. The only flaw coaches have found in Cade’s game is the consistency from deep. On November 5th 2019, Cade Cunningham committed to the Oklahoma State Cowboys. And you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “ why did the #2 prospect commit to Oklahoma State? ” Well it’s pretty simple, Oklahoma State hired Cade’s brother Cannen Cunningham. Cannen recruited his brother to come play with him and to be honest I give props to the Oklahoma State front office for doing this tactic. We’ve seen this happen before with former #1 prospect Michael Porter Jr and Missouri. You can see playing with his brother meant a lot to him because he turned down offers from Kentucky, and North Carolina. On June 5th, the NCAA banned the Cowboys from playoff contention for the 2020-2021 season because of bribery to their athletes. Now I’m here to tell you what’s next for the future 1st overall pick, will he stay with his blood line or will he take his talent elsewhere?

G – League: Ever since the G-League opened a new route for high school players to go so they can get paid and play against near NBA competition. So far they’ve picked up some big names, the #1 Prospect on the ESPN Top 100 Jalen Green, the #13th prospect Isaiah Todd and 20th ranked Daishen Nix. So the G-League route is a very possible option for Cade; it can provide him with money and a taste of NBA competition. The G-League offered Cade a contract but turned it down, the G-league offered him over $500,000. But if Cade decommits, I could see the G-League coming around and giving him that contract again.

Other Colleges: Now I think him going to another school could happen but it would be the least likely on my list of options here. Why? Here’s why, he turned down offers from big schools Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington. If he wanted to play in the spotlight he would have chosen North Carolina or Kentucky but he wanted to show his loyalty to his family and committed to Oklahoma State. But if he did want to go to another college I would think he would want to go to Kentucky because coach John Calipari has shown he can make 1 and down players ready for the next level. Plus Kentucky has two top 10 recruits in B.J. Boston(6th) and Terrence Clarke(9th).

Staying at Oklahoma State: Well again if he chooses to go this way, it’s because he wants to play with his bro. And I would completely understand, plus he is only a two hour drive away from his hometown and his family would most likely move near the campus, so he could stay with his family at his own home and not worry about dorms. Clearly he didn’t choose Oklahoma State to win a NCAA tournament, so if he had that mindset then why would it change. Plus if he has an outstanding season, why risk getting injured in a tourney they’ll most likely lose. This could be a real possibility but I personally think the G-League this the route to go. 


    1. Duke was on the cover to gets clicks, And I consider him a SG cause of his height and I wouldn’t consider him a PG until he can prove not to turn the ball over as consistent as he’s shown.

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