FA Tracker: 10 Realistic Signings For the Knicks in the 2020 Offseason.

The Knicks have been notorious for not making a big splash in Free Agency in the last decade. Today we are gonna be giving you 10 REALISTIC signing you could see the Knicks making in the 2020 offseason. 

Joe Harris: Joe Harris could be the spot of shooter the Knicks have always been looking for, someone that RJ and Mitch to hit the long ball. The Knicks ranked 27th in the league in 3pt% at 33%. Joe Harris is a career 41% from 3. He could help the spacing issue the Knicks have by being the number 1 shooter on the team.

Montrezl Harrell: The Knicks are in need of a backup center and here is a perfect backup. Montrezl wants to be part of the offense more in LA but the Clippers won’t give him that opportunity. I think the combo of Frank and Montrezl could give the Knicks starters less pressure to put up all the points. Montrezl can bring this new attitude to the Knicks and would be an impact player for them going into the 2020-2021 Season.

Christian Wood: Christian Wood has been on the Knicks radar since the end of the trade deadline. Wood is one of the more underrated FA going into this offseason, he averaged 13.1 PPG and 6.3 RPG on 57% from the field and can shoot from downtown efficiently, shooting 39% during the 2019-2020 season. He could be a potential all-star if given the opportunity. Plus he can be the perfect replacement for Julius Randle.

Goran Dragic: If the Knicks miss out on a PG in the 2020 NBA Draft, I could see them making a move for former all-star Goran Dragic. By the recent emergence of rookie sensation Kendrick Nunn. The former all star has been taken to the back burner as of late and is probably looking for a starting job. As a bench player last season he averaged 16.1 PPG and 5.1 APG. A man like Goran could change how well the Knicks run their offense, it could definitely take the load of RJ by having a PG that could create his own shot, and kick it out. I could see him back at an all star level in NY because he’ll get more touches than he’s ever had in his career. 

Evan Fournier (Player Option): Evan Fournier is basically here for me for the same reason I had Joe Harris, a spot up three point shooter. Another under the radar guy the Knicks could look into if he opts out of his contract with the Magic. He averaged a surprisingly nearly 19 PPG on 47% shooting and 40% from three. Now this guy you can rely on to make his own shot and can drop 30 every once and awhile. RJ can improve from having him on the team, help RJ become more efficient, learning what is a good shot and a bad shot. I would sign this guy for his spot up ability and to help RJ and Kevin Knox.

Jordan Clarkson: All Jordan Clarkson has done since coming to the Cavs back in 2018 was improve, he’s numbers have been consistently around 15 PPG and his FG% has been increasing. Clarkson can add depth to this young Knicks roster.

Allonzo Trier: Now this is the only resign I would do if I was the New York Knicks. Trier has shown bits of good potential. I believe if the Knicks get Kenny Atkinson, Allonzo Trier can become a very important role player for this team, Allonzo can be a scoring machine some night and others he looks clueless. Someone who has proven he can improve players like Kenny has, can turn Allonzo into a constant factor for years to come.

Davis Bertans: Ok this can be the guy that changes the spacing of the Knicks. Bertans can shoot the longball, he averages 15.4 PPG on 42% from three. He can be really beneficial for RJ and Randle, for the same reason that Joe Harris and Evan Fournier.

JR Smith: The next two might be controversial but I think JR has a spot on the Knicks roster. Listen he’s been fighting for a spot on a NBA team for more than a year now and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be on a roster. He can give you buckets off the bench, he can be a spot up shooter, he can help the young ones, he’s a good locker room guy, and he knows how to handle the NYC spotlight already so why not take a chance on him.

Carmelo Anthony: Wait, I know you are probably like, “no he’s a ball hog and will take away from are young core.” Well I never said Melo was gonna start. I feel like you can build a second unit around him. He never had shooters around him, so give him shooters and he will score and pass for you. Over the last couple of years he’s become unselfish and still has the capability to put up good numbers. PS, this isn’t a bias selection. 

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