New York Giants

New York Giants position grades 2020: Offensive Line

With the Free Agency and the NFL Draft over I will be grading each position on a scale from red to green, green being the best. Today we will focus on the offense which in my non-expert opinion I believe is one of the most underrated units in the NFL.

Offensive Tackles:

I’m gonna have to give the offensive tackle positions a grade of yellow due to one side being very good and the other side being absolutely atrocious. Barring injury or any major change during training camp the expected tackle pairing come week one is Andrew Thomas at left tackle and Nate Solder at right tackle. I am very excited to watch Andrew Thomas play and protect Daniel Jones, however, I can not say the same things about Nate Solder. Since signing the record-breaking deal with the New York Giants back in early 2018 he has been nothing short of a disappointment being in the worst tackles in the NFL conversation consistently. In 2019 Solder allowed; 54 pressures, 11 sacks, and 5 penalties on 1011 offensive snaps.

Offensive Guards: 

One of the hardest parts of writing this article is grading the positions this position is especially hard to grade because of how good they are but they are just not great. With that being said, im going to give the Offensive Guard positions a grade of yellow. In 2019 Will Hernandez had a down year compared to his rookie year but you can attribute that to him playing in the middle of 2 bad player Nate Solder and Jon Halapio. Despite Hernandez’s down year in 2019, his fellow Offensive Guard Kevin Zeitler did not disappoint being the best member of our Offensive Line core last year. Zeitler posted up a solid 76.4 grade per PFF which ranked amongst the top half of the league for Offensive Guards.


Without a doubt in my mind, heading into the 2020 NFL season the Center position is the weakest position on the New York Giants roster. As of June 1st, 2020 the expected starting center come week 1 is Spencer Pulley which is less than ideal. With all of that being said I will have to give the Center position a grade of Red. I was considering giving this position an Orange grade due to the amount of depth we have at this position, however, I can not overlook who our assumed starter is as of this moment.

Overall: Orange

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