Why the NBA should not restart the season.

With the reports of the NBA attempting to resume play in early July, I am here to tell you why that is a horrible idea. There are many reasons why I believe resuming the NBA in July is a terrible idea but today I’m only going to focus on 2 reasons; this will discredit whoever the champion is, and lastly, the schedule will be messed up in the future.

Discrediting the champion 

After almost every NBA final there are always bitter fanbases who are angry because their team couldn’t win the championship now imagine that multiplied by one thousand. When these groups of fans discredit the champions often we just overlook at them as just bitter individuals but if the season were to resume and a champion is crowned these fans will for once have a reasonable argument as to why their team didn’t win it all.


For as long I’ve watched the NBA there has been a set format for the schedule. The season begins in late October runs until mid-february when the All-star break begins then 2 weeks later the season picks up again until early April from then through late June the playoffs and the finals are played after the season ends there is a brief period for the draft and free agency and rinse and repeat. Now if the season were to resume in July we would have to assume it would begin straight into playoffs which should last approximately 2 months which means the season would officially end in early September leaving only 1 month for free agency and draft. Unless if the NBA wants to start next season in December and lose out on a lot of revenue I suggest not resuming play this season. 

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