2020 NBA Draft Big Board.

  1. LaMelo Ball: LaMelo Ball has once in a generation passing ability and great vision if he can get his jump-shot to a somewhat consistent level I do not doubt that he will be a perennial All-Star!
  2. Anthony Edwards: Anthony Edwards has an NBA ready body with elite athleticism, however, Edwards 3-Point shot and defensive lapses will need to improve once he arrives in the NBA.
  3. James Wiseman: Like Edwards Wiseman has elite athleticism and the potential to be one of the Premier rim defenders in the NBA. When arriving in the league Wiseman will need to work on his footwork and his finishing with his right hand.
  4. Killian Hayes: Killian Hayes has shown the ability to make players around him better. With his creative handling of the ball and his stepback, Killian has all the potential in the world to be one of the top Point Guards in the NBA. To maximize that potential Killian will need to work on lowering his turnovers and driving with his right hand.
  5. Deni Avdija: Deni Avdija this year’s European phenom has shown the potential to be a good if not great defender in the NBA with his elite timing and also his very capable right hand. The knocks against Avdija’s game is his lack of quickness and the fact that he is very right hand dependent.
  6. Obi Toppin: Obi Toppin, this year’s breakout star in college basketball has flashed his athleticism and his ability to run the floor very well. However, if Toppin doesn’t improve his defense and inability to create shots for himself we may never see Toppins full potential.
  7. Isaac Okoro: The Atlanta Georgia native Isaac Okoro who played for Auburn University last season has shown that he the ability to finish at the rim at a consistent level. While being a good finisher at the rim Okoro has an awkward release that will need to be tweaked if he plans on shooting contested shots in the NBA.
  8. Onyeka Okongwu: Onyeka Okongwu is arguably the best big man in this year’s draft class and a member of the famous 2016 Chino Hills men’s basketball team. During Okongwu’s tenure at USC last season, Okongwu flashed some of his strengths and some of his weaknesses. Some of Okungwu’s strengths include shot-blocking and elite athleticism, despite these strengths his game isn’t perfect with some of his weaknesses being that he is very discoordinated in the paint.
  9. Tyrese Haliburton: Tyrese Haliburton is the big unknown in this draft class in my opinion. On one end he is a do it all jack of all trades guard but on the other end, he is awkward mechanics, small frame guard. 
  10. Cole Anthony: One of the most anticipated college players coming out of high school last season Anthony had an up and down season while showing some of his strengths and weaknesses. Some of Anthony’s strengths include great body control and explosiveness, and his weaknesses include shot-selection, has a habit of driving then throwing up contested shots when the paint is clogged.


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