Here’s Why the NY Knicks Are One of the Worst Franchises

Here’s why.

I don’t know if anyone notices this but since 2003 the Knicks have only drafted at least 4 good players, Danilo Gallinari, Tim Hardaway jr, Kristaps Porzingis, and RJ Barret. The rest of them are busts, and when they do have young talent they trade them away hoping to land a top free agent. Another reason is coaching/ development, last season both Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier played decent, but instead of improving them, the coaches have been playing them less or not at all. For veteran players that aren’t going to be there in couple years. They should be taking time to develop their younger player for the future. Since 2004 the Knicks have had 12 different coaches. If the Knicks want to win any time soon they have to have a winning culture and a winning attitude. They also have to develop young players better, draft better, and make the organization feel like family to help lour free agents there and make them feel at home.

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