New York Giants

New York Giants 2020 Win/Loss/Tie record Projections

With the NFL draft in the rearview mirror, here are my 2020 season projections.

Home Opponents: 

Arizona Cardinals: Win

San Fransisco 49ers: Loss

Cleveland Browns: Win

Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win

Home Record: 3-2

Away Opponents:

Baltimore Ravens: Loss

Cincinnati Bengals: Win

Los Angeles Rams: Loss

Seatle Seahawks: Loss

Chicago Bears: Win

Away Record: 2-3

Division Opponents:

Washington Redskins (Home): Win

Washington Redskins (Away): Win

Dallas Cowboys (Home): Draw

Dallas Cowboys (Away): Loss

Philadelphia Eagles (Home): Loss

Philadelphia Eagles (Away) Loss

Division Record: 2-3-1

Overall Record: 7-8-1

Being that the New York Giants improved their Offensive Line and the acquisitions in Free Agency, I have them going 7-8-1.

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