New York Giants

With day 2 of the NFL Draft coming to an end here are the New York Giants day 2 picks!

Xavier Mckinney:

With the 36 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the New York Giants select Xavier Mckinney Defensive Back Alabama. Coming into the draft Mckinney was the #1 ranked safety on multiple draft board, however, with the surge of Wide Receivers taken in the 1st round Mckinney slipped out of the 1st round. Despite that great value, the New York Giants received in Mckinney at 36 overall many Giants are worried he will be Landon Collins 2.0 although these concerns may seem likely we can assure you Mckinney is awesome in coverage.

Draft grade: A-

Matthew Peart:

6’7, 318 Pounds from the Bronx out of the University of Connecticut the New York Giants select Matthew Peart Offensive Tackle. During the draft process, Peart was known as a guy with a high ceiling and a low floor.

Draft grade: B

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